• Lois Stavrou

What Now?

Have you had enough silence to find your wisdom? What can we do right now?

It will vary from person to person of course, however there is one common factor that many in the world are praying for:


through compassion, love, kindness, healing with words and hands and understanding we are part of a whole. All of these are antidotes to the bad vibrations circulating humankind.

Throw out the ego, make peace with who you need to, whether it is returned or not.

Give time and healing to those around you, whether you know them well or not.

Treasure values and practice them including gratitude and patience, whether at first you feel it or not.

What you practise you become good at.

Do not wait for external factors to solve your problems. We all have problems and you alone can begin to find peace from the inside out. Have faith that every human journey has turbulence, not to bring you down, but to build you strong and trust that as long as you LOOK from the inside out, you will know and understand your journey.

Stay safe, well and strong,

Lois Stavrou

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