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The Mind-Body Connection

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

How true is this quote? What is your experience of it?

Being aware of our mind-body connection helps to bring yourself into your body. In difficult times such as these, awareness of what we are thinking and how we are feeling is vital. We can stop ourselves in our tracks and help ourselves to take a breath and use an intervention that can calm the mind and body. Breathing and meditation techniques are great for this, as is walking in the garden, listening to your favourite song, dancing, whatever works for you.

There is a great technique to help you experience the mind-body connection. Have a go at the following task:

Task: The Mind Body Connection (audio version available

I invite you to close your eyes or cast your eyes downwards and think of a pleasant event. Maybe it’s eating your favourite food, you may remember sharing a joke with someone, basking in the sun on a beautiful beach…whatever it is, focus on the one event. Be aware…how does your body feel? What mood, feelings and thoughts have accompanied this event?

What did you notice? e.g. smiling, laughing, calm, did your breathing change? were your hairs raised? Just by our thoughts we can change our physiology or how our body responds.

BUT…the same occurs with an unpleasant event, which many of us are facing right now. Re-telling an unpleasant event over an over will only increase our stress and contribute to current social anxiety. Confide in a loved one and that’s it.

Think of interventions that will help you feel more positive. Turn off your 'fight or flight' mode and activate your 'rest and digest' system. Do whatever works for you.

Remember wellbeing starts from within.

Stay safe and well,

Lois Stavrou

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