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Coaching Packages

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Individual Coaching

Individual coaching offers a one to one opportunity for you to discuss and identify areas of your life which may need more attention. The Into Wellbeing 10 point assessment guide is a useful tool to indicate such areas. Following assessment, useful tips and techniques will be shared to help you get started on your wellbeing journey. Follow-up sessions are available to support you.

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Now available online or by phone.

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Community Coaching

This package is available as a full day course, or weekly 1- hour evening sessions over 5 weeks. With a small group of no more than 10 people, Into Wellbeing aims to provide a supportive environment and allow people to share and grow together. Individual and group tasks are set throughout the day/hour to enhance your experience.


Now available online.

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Coaching for Teachers

Lois has worked in education for fifteen years herself and knows only too well the stresses and workload that come with teaching. Currently, teachers have been catapulted into extreme change which can trigger stress and anxiety. Into Wellbeing offers interactive twilight sessions to schools. Please do get in touch if your school requires any help with wellbeing. 

Teachers - if you require 1 to 1 coaching, please make use of 20% off offer - quote voucher code: INT123. Online or phone sessions are available.

Also please use any FREE resources for the children. These can be found in the Resources section under 'Children's Page'.

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Corporate Coaching

Into Wellbeing helps to promote a happier and more productive workforce. This benefits employers; with reduced absenteeism and increased productivity, and employees; creating better physical and mental health, increased motivation and greater work satisfaction. Various coaching packages are available ranging from full day, half day and hourly sessions spread throughout days or weeks, depending on your preferences. Should you require an alternative package, please enquire using the link below.